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    Our reviews speak for themselves – our clients love the results they get when choosing us. That’s because we genuinely care about what we do. As far as we are concerned, satisfying our clients by breathing new life into a room is the most rewarding part of our job.

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  • Wherever you might be in San Diego and surrounds, we are here to help you get your rugs, carpets, upholstery and drapes looking and smelling clean and fresh. Whether you just want us to clean your carpets, or would like us to attend to all household fabrics at once, we’ll deliver the professional service that has made us the San Diego carpet cleaning company of choice for businesses and private homes alike.

    Your carpets make your home cozy, but they also absorb all the dust, dirt, smells and spills they’re exposed to over the years. Regular vacuum cleaning can only do so much – and the dirt that collects between the fibers contributes to wear. From time to time, every carpet needs a real deep clean, and for the best results, you need professional help.

    If you live in San Diego, carpet cleaning services are only a call or an email away when you choose us. You can trust us to use the right methods – for example; your oriental rug would be treated differently to other floor coverings. Whether you’ve chosen acrylic carpeting or have selected a luxurious real wool carpet, we’ll know how to clean it perfectly.

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  • Carpet Cleaning in San Diego, CA – And More

    Your home is your castle, and you’re proud of the love you’ve poured into creating a peaceful space for yourself and your family. But stains and ingrained dirt have begun to spoil the effect you worked so hard to create. Before you spend a fortune on new carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture, find out whether a deep cleaning using professional equipment is a better option.

    “It looks as good as new!” is what we like to hear from our clients. Let us surprise you with the difference we can make to your home. Our suite of services includes:

    • Residential Carpet cleaning
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Organic carpet cleaning
    • Carpet deep cleaning
    • Carpet steam cleaning
    • Area rug cleaning, repairs & restoration
    • Area rug cleaning
    • Oriental rug repairs
    • Binding and rebuilding fringes
    • moth damage
    • Fabric cleaning
    • Upholstery cleaning
    • Sofa cleaning
    • Mattress cleaning
    • Couch cleaning
    • Window treatment cleaning
    • Drapery cleaning
    • Curtain cleaning
    • Blinds cleaning
    • Stone cleaning and restoration
    • marble restoration
    • Marble polishing
    • Marble & Granite sealer
    • Tile & Grout cleaning
    • Specialty
    • Allergy and asthma relief
    • Pet stain and odor removal
    • Carpet installation
    • Scotchgard fabric protector
  • Local Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, & Upholstery Cleaning Professionals

    Carpet cleaning companies have access to all the best equipment and cleaning agents. There’s no need to be embarrassed because you haven’t managed to get that stain out of the rug or because there’s a layer of deep-down dirt you can’t deal with. Our local technicians blitz dirt out of every nook and cranny, giving you, and your carpets and furniture, a fresh start.

    Steam carpet cleaning is something of an art. There needs to be enough moisture to lift the dirt away, but not so much that your carpets pick up water marks. In addition, heat can make some fabrics shrink – a disaster if this happens to your costly carpeting. Chem dry carpet cleaning could be the answer, and once again our experts will know what methods our cleaners should apply.

    Finally, there’s stain removal – a knotty problem if you only have access to regular cleaning methods. We’re proud of the fact that we can cope with stains that few others will know how to deal with and we’re honest about what we can and cannot do.

    Affordable Carpet Cleaning in San Diego, CA

    We aren’t going to promise you the lowest price, but you may be sure that it will be a fair price given the level of service and the access to expertise that we offer. We keep our prices affordable without compromising on quality. In fact, we would venture to say that we are among the best carpet and upholstery cleaners to serve San Diego.

    We select and train our employees carefully. After all, they will be working with you and your most precious possession: your house. Expect courteous treatment and a cheerful, “can-do” approach to any task.

    Healthy, Safe, and Beautiful

    Kids love to play on the floor, and babies learn to crawl before they can walk. Clients often ask us if they need to worry about residues from cleaning agents we’ve used in their homes. The answer is a simple “No,” product safety – and your safety – matter to us.

    Plus, once we’ve attended to your carpets and upholstery, the dirt and debris that act as a source of allergens or a breeding-ground for bacteria are gone. A clean home is a healthy home that you can be proud of. Relax in a space that you can enjoy with pride and absolute confidence!

    San Diego, CA Businesses Trust Us Too

    When your clients deal with your business, first impressions count. Plus, a fresh working environment will make your employees feel that you care about their working conditions. We know that businesses have unique needs. You may need us to work in the evenings or over a weekend to minimize disruption to your normal activities. We will be happy to adapt to your preferred schedule, and you can be confident that our motivated, supervised teams will tackle the task efficiently.

    Fresh, Deep-Down Clean Interiors Are Our Business: Let’s Talk!

    We listen to our clients. We deliver on our promises. You only need to get in touch to set the wheels in motion. Our policy is to deliver exceptional service from the moment you reach out to us. Contact us right now – then relax! You’ve taken the first step towards a fresh start for your interior spaces.